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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Are You Wasting Your Sales Team's Time? (with Chris Beall)

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Brief Summary of Episode #118

How much time does your sales team spend calling voicemail inboxes? 

Afterwards, do they have to punch that call into a CRM? 

If so, you might be wasting one of your financial brand's most valuable resources. 

Salespeople are too important to waste on anything other than speaking with customers. 

So says my latest guest, Chris Beall, CEO at ConnectAndSell, an expert in the most effective ways to utilize sales teams.

It’s a problem that many financial brands face across their entire organization — people who are fantastic at the job they were hired to do are mired in tasks that really could be better handled by others. 

And when you really think about CRM & sequence software, the problem is twofold:

It’s taking time a salesperson could be spending using their superpower — talking to people and helping them see that there are potential solutions to the problems they have — while also being horribly ill-suited to the disposition of a salesperson. 

Sure, the people who design the CRM & sequence software love it, but that’s because the tech people who built it are, on the whole, people who are more comfortable with this form of communication. 

Meanwhile, it should be no surprise that salespeople who are masters of conversation need feedback from a human.

This underscores an important point every financial brand needs to understand: 

There are no silver bullets with technology that will magically fix everything — digital transformation is really about the people. 

And if you are throwing tools at your people, they should free the employee to be more human, not take away from their humanity.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • How automation can help you make the most of your sales team
  • The best phrase to use on an unscheduled call
  • The two biggest mistakes holding financial brands back

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