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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Being Human at Every Turn: Sales & Customer Experience (with James Gilbert)

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Brief Summary of Episode #119

When was the last time you were happy to get an automated email? Probably… well, never. Right? 

Meanwhile, sales is rarely held accountable for the terrible customer experience they create. 

We can do better. We just need to be a little more human.

Today I sit down with James Gilbert, Head of Marketing at CRMNext, and dig into that human aspect.

With the world heading toward more and more automation, the things you do to make your financial brand seem more personable and customizable to your customers’ are more important than ever.

Having better conversations with your customers and infusing more humanity into your brand are a surefire way to win in today’s competitive marketplace, especially when you follow James’ 3 key rules for his marketing team:

  1. See everything through your ACTUAL customer's eyes. 
  2. See everything through your OTHER customer’s eyes 
  3. See everything through the eyes of the people who keep your primary customer happy.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • How to have better conversations
  • How to infuse more humanity into your brand
  • The three pillars of a successful marketing team

How to Connect With James Gilbert

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