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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Retire as You Desire: Where Do You Put Your Dollars? (with Bill Bloom)

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Brief Summary of Episode #132

It’s always nice to have some extra cash.

The trouble is: knowing where to invest it.

The truth is that most people need help deciding what to do with their money — especially entrepreneurs.

My latest guest, Bill Bloom, President, Bloom Financial Company, is on a mission to help entrepreneurs better invest their dollars to maximize their success.

His mantra?

Retire as you Desire.

But in the wake of the pandemic, it’s easy to see that it’s not enough for business owners to leave all their money with their financial advisor and hope for the best.

What happens when the next worldwide crisis comes and crushes the stock market while also shuttering their business?

And leaving money sitting in a bank is just a huge opportunity cost — especially with record low interest rates.

What entrepreneurs really need is a holistic approach to their finances. Instead of advisors, they need coaches. 

This is where your financial brand can find opportunity — and not just for entrepreneurs.

Everyone could benefit from financial coaching.

The financial brands that come out of today’s turbulent times on top will be the ones who move beyond selling opaque, commoditized financial products and help their customers first.

That means offering solutions for the whole person, adapting to their unique financial situations and educating them on how to take charge of their financial health — without jumping through unnecessary hoops to do it. 


Key Insights and Takeaways

    • Why people need help investing
    • What to look for in an advisor
    • How Bill’s latest venture will provide sound financial advice at scale

How to Connect With Bill Bloom

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