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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Helping Customers Escape the Scarcity Mindset with Financial Brand Storytelling (with Justin Breen)

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Brief Summary of Episode #110

Do you deal with financial stress? 

Would you switch to a financial brand that demystifies money confusion through podcasts and videos?

We would too. 

Using narrative structure, brands can transform marketing & sales communication strategies to gain an advantage over other brand offerings. 

Justin Breen, Founder & CEO of BrEpic Communications LLC, discusses tactics to help people better understand how storytelling can transform a brand—ultimately helping people towards a better financial future. 


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Media Transformation & The Future of Financial Brand Podcasts
  • Operating from a Place of Abundance Instead of Scarcity
  • Measuring Teams with Kolbe
  • Financial Brands Stuck in a Narcissistic Cycle
  • Simplifying the Pattern of Peoples’ Relationship with Money

How to Connect With Justin Breen

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