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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Why You’ve Been Overlooking the Female Financial Market (with Brian Harris)

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Brief Summary of Episode #117

1988, Not that long ago in the grand scheme of the history books, right?

And yet it’s only in that year that it became acceptable for women to not  have a man’s signature on business loan documentation.

This is just one of the hard-hitting points in my recent conversation with Brian Harris, Executive Creative Director at Bradley and Montgomery.

We’re a lot further behind in gender equality than we’d like to be, and it’s in the business world that we still have extraordinary amounts of room for improvement.

Brian and I discuss the importance of recognizing and developing appropriate messaging for women as an overlooked market segment. Why shouldn’t ads show 27-year-old working women going house shopping? 

Use the latest episode of Banking on Digital Growth to deepen your understanding of how you currently engage with women and what you could do to improve this.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • The size and nature of the perceived financial gap
  • How FinTech has fostered an attitude of empathy
  • Representation: showing a 27-year-old woman shopping for a home
  • Being where your growth market is
  • Internalizing your goal of understanding what you’re saying to women

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