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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Predicting FinTech & Strategies to Stay Relevant (with Alex Sion)

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Brief Summary of Episode #109

Are you prepared to take on emerging FinTech?

Or would your business struggle to adapt due to a lack of restructuring?

Taking the time to reflect on where the finance industry is currently can help prepare a business for the future. Otherwise, a business risks higher cost as they try to adopt established technologies.

Only when a business recognizes the changing financial landscape can they restructure to welcome the new technologies. 

 Alex Sion, Managing Director at Motive Partners, discusses his experience with the finance industry, predictions for the future, and preparation strategies for emerging growth. 


Key Insights and Takeaways

    •  Alex’s journey and transforming Banking
    • Reflecting on the financial industry to move forward
    • Trends, patterns, & purpose of D10X
    • Roadblocks within emerging growth to be aware of
    • Jobs to be done theory explained
    • The opportunities of the “Entrepreneurship”
    • FinTech VS. the incumbents
    • Recommendations for risk aversion & personal growth to the dear listener

How to Connect With Alex Scion

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