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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Modern Leadership in a Hyperconnected World (with Laurie Maddalena)

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Brief Summary of Episode #128

What’s the one thing business leaders don’t do often enough?

Take breaks.

The pressure to perform, coupled with the dopamine hit from each time you check something off your to-do list, creates a dangerous behavioral vortex for business leaders.

It’s notoriously hard to escape if you don’t have a framework.

Here’s what you really want to do:

  1. Commit to disconnecting from time to time. Disconnect fully and change your mental scenery.
  2. Understand that your purpose is to lead and not to execute. The operational processes shouldn’t stop when you disconnect; don’t use this as an excuse to burn yourself out.
  3. Give others on your team the chance to experience leadership while you’re still connected, so that you can set yourself for successful breaks when you need them. 

Laurie Maddalena, CEO/Chief Leadership Consultant at Envision Excellence, has more of these amazing recommendations for you in the latest episode of Banking on Digital Growth.

Key Insights and Takeaways

    • The value of disconnecting in a hyperconnected world
    • Why we need to let potential future leaders peek behind the curtain of leadership 
    • Why great leaders understand their value no longer lies in their technical expertise

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