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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Brands Sell, People Tell: Why Your Audience Craves Influencer Marketing (with Alana Levine)

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Brief Summary of Episode #273

Influencer marketing and affiliate marketing are both untapped growth opportunities for financial brands.

But many financial leaders are still mystified by the concept of handing their brand messaging over to a social media celebrity.

So why should they consider partnering with an affiliate outside their industry circle?

As Alana Levine, Chief Revenue Officer at Fintel Connect, alluded, people trust other people.

“It’s a referral at scale,” she said. “You have someone who’s trusted, has a platform, and can speak to a broader audience.”

When someone hears the label “influencer,” they may think of Instagram models or video game streamers.

But the truth is anyone who speaks to your audience can be an affiliate.

“Now there are layers upon layers,” Alana suggested. “It could be a podcaster or a financial advisor who diversifies and has a blog to give their thoughts on products.”

Influencers actively engage with their audiences, so you can use those moments to build your brand credibility through education.

“It’s hard to convey what you offer through a banner ad or a paid search campaign,” Alana said.

But through influencer and affiliate marketing, trusted partners can spread your narrative and help you maximize your future digital growth potential.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • The evolution of third-party influencer marketing relationships (7:50)
  • How smaller institutions can build brand equity through influencers (13:37)
  • Why having ROI measurement in place is critical for partnerships (21:59)

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