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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Banking AI: Humanizing the Exceptional (with Blair Gatchel)

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Brief Summary of Episode #181

85% of Americans are afflicted by financial stress.

It’s the silent killer of personal well-being.

Sometimes, sound financial literacy just isn’t enough.

What people may really need is a helping hand to reach down and help them up.

Imagine a virtual aide - like a grounded version of Tony Stark’s assistant, Jarvis - that learns and adapts to help you with your finances. 

That’s the dream that the folks at Bond.AI want to make a reality.

Their EmpathyEngine was built to empower people by helping them understand their financial needs.  

I sat down with Blair Gatchel, VP of Sales and Growth at Bond.AI, to discuss the future of augmented intelligence and the part it plays in serving consumers through empathy.

Banks have more data on their clients than any other companies do. 

But most of them won’t use that information to help their customers.

Blaire and I talk about how banking AI can analyze your financial data and have it work for you.

Intrigued by the prospect of a digital financial advisor at your fingertips?


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • The role AI plays in interpreting customer finances
  • How financial stress impacts personal well-being
  • How empathy is vital to understanding and helping meet the needs of consumers through data analysis

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