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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

We All Love No Hassle: How to Entice Millennials and Gen Z (with Doug Brown)

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Brief Summary of Episode #172

Digital banks have to be more in tune with their clients.

People buy and make decisions with their hearts.

It’s time for Fintech to embrace a deeper emotional connection with customers. 

Doug Brown is the President of NCR Digital Banking, father of two daughters, and an avid explorer into the motivations of Millennial and Gen Z consumers. 

Having come of age in the bosom of tech, this demographic naturally gravitates toward the next big thing.

But they also yearn for brands they can trust.

Many younger customers are seeking a wellness experience from their bank, such as organically building their credit score.

This is human-centered growth.

One of the more interesting trends Doug found was that this generation of buyers will tell you exactly how to market to them.

Most are very active on social media and will not hesitate to share their opinions with the world.

By dedicating honest effort to understanding this frequently misunderstood demographic, Doug is leveraging tech to identify pain points — and solve them in real-time.

Innovation and experimentation are the only way to thrive. Bring people into the lab and see what happens.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • NCR’s extensive research into how younger consumers feel about their banking options
  • Understanding the deeper wellness aspects of financial transactions
  • Having a digital-first mindset across every channel

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