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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Sales & Relationship-Building in a Digital World (with Jack Hubbard)

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Brief Summary of Episode #144

None of your customers start their day by hoping that someone pops up in their face, selling them something.

What they do want is performance.

This is why relationship-building has become the single most important thing for sales in the digital world.

To deliver the right kind of value at the right time, and to the right person, your FI needs to look beyond the products and numbers and statistics.

Human connection is the one thing you need to perfect, for all the other business pieces to fall into place.

Speaking with us recently, Jack Hubbard not only echoed this, but emphasized it.

As the Chief Experience Officer for St. Meyer & Hubbard, Jack is seeing the radical shift from what too many of us still consider “the good ol’ days”:

Up until not too long ago, customers accepted waiting in line as a norm, and having no other choice but to accept whatever standard of service their provider gave them.

Not anymore.

Today, customers are in control.

If you want bargaining power, you’ve got to produce the goods upfront:

Trustworthiness and credibility.

Consistency and alignment of delivery with promises.

Embracing fluid methodologies of reaching the end goal: customer satisfaction.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • The changes in banking and how banks can adapt 
  • The difference between a sales culture and a performance culture
  • Why LinkedIn is something financial brands should embrace, not fear

How to Connect With Jack Hubbard

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