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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Ditching Automation for the Human Touch in Finance (with Joey Coleman)

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Brief Summary of Episode #168

“We’re going to make it so hard for you to do business with us so you never leave!”

So many businesses raise the barrier to exit, and what a horrible experience that is for your customer.

When the customer needs to find information on their service from you, and you direct them to some unknown FAQ article, that keeps on raising that barrier.

Holding your customer’s hand is OK especially as they’re acclimating to your business.

However, so many businesses don’t keep the human aspect in their business long enough.

Taking a proactive approach to acclimating your customers to your business is a wise investment and can help your customer achieve the goals they came to do business with you in the first place!

Joey Coleman, professional speaker and author of Never Lose a Customer Again  joins the conversation today to help us understand how meeting customer goals and being a guide along the way to doing so is essential to your financial brand and its success.

Coaching should be built into your customer experience - the more you feel like a guide to your customer.  

Eliminating friction points to doing business with your customer builds that commitment that makes them loyal for years. 

In an increasingly digital world, humans are dying for analogue proof that they matter.

Make the intangible, tangible in this digital world and you and your financial brand will rise above the noise.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Taking a human to human approach to growth
  • The difference between customer experience & customer service  
  • The next best step for the audience

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