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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Getting WISE to Customer Experience (with Dan Gingiss)

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Brief Summary of Episode #171

Thought leaders who thrive on speaking have had a rough couple of years.

It’s harder to make a meaningful impact without that live connection. 

As a curator of experiences, Dan Gingiss is a sought-after keynote speaker, storyteller, coach, and author of The Experience Maker: How to Create Remarkable Experiences That Your Customers Can't Wait to Share.

He’s the Chief Experience Officer at The Experience Maker, LLC

He’s continuously building his armory of tools to help companies find their competitive advantage. 

Customers are your best marketers, and people are more willing to share a positive experience. 

But ⅔ of consumers can’t remember the last time a brand exceeded their expectations. 

Acronyms run rampant in digital growth.

But here's one from Dan’s book you can put into use immediately when it comes to creating CX strategy, be WISER:

  1.  1. Witty
  2.  2. Immersive
  3.  3. Shareable
  4.  4. Extraordinary
  5.  5. Responsive

Crafting juicy experiences for your customers keeps things from getting boring.

People don’t expect wit from their financial institution. 


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • What inspired him to write the book
  • Why he believes traditional marketing is no longer enough
  • The WISE methodology for creating better experiences
  • The 10-day CX challenge

How to Connect With Dan Gingiss 

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