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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

The Bill Pay Revolution Is Finally Here (with Michael Bank)

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Brief Summary of Episode #166

After years as the forgotten middle child, people are finally paying attention to it.

Bill pay matters more than ever. 

Consumers demand instant digital satisfaction. What’s more important than paying the bills?

Our guest is Michael Bank, the Co-Founder of Blip Labs, and a passionate advocate for fintech innovation. 

In some ways, the pandemic was a positive catalyst.

Financial organizations had to take a long, hard look at their digital offerings and enable holistic growth — fast.

Bill pay is both a traditional money movement channel and a trend of the future. It’s all about keeping customers engaged and connected.

There’s a reason why we’re not swamped in bill pay companies.

The infrastructure just wasn’t there. 

Michael is keen on digital literacy and financial education. Economic equity is good for everyone.

Customers crave a frictionless experience.

Blip’s powerful enrollment engine shortens the onboarding process to a few seconds.  

Powered by machine learning, that’s just the first layer of what Michael and his team are building.

Creating value by making people’s lives easier is always a winning strategy. Self-driving money helps consumers make smarter decisions. 


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Why bill pay matters more than ever and how financial brand can capitalize on it
  • The education component financial brands need to move out of the “good enough” mentality holding them back
  • The future of bill pay

How to Connect With Michael Bank

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