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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

How to Drag Financial Brand Leaders Out of the Past (with Eric Cook)

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Brief Summary of Episode #154

Raise your hand if you’ve ever released a product or feature based on your own ideas, without first consulting customers on whether it would really be useful to them.

We have probably all done this at some point in our careers and entrepreneurial journeys, but financial institutions are notorious for it.

Joining us for another riveting discussion, this time about dragging financial brand leaders out of the past, is Eric Cook, Founder & Chief Mentor at The LinkedBanker.

Eric suggests that we focus on three core elements to bring ourselves fully into the present, to prepare adequately for business interactions of the future:

1. Mindset

Are you really still aligned with your customers and your market’s needs?

2. Self-worth attribution

So many of us continue to attach our professional and business self-worth to historical anecdotes and obsolete records. 

It’s time to look forward and break free of rigid legacy systems, both mentally and operationally.

3. Heart-centered thinking

It’s part of human-centered growth. The goal is to prioritize the placement of the account holder at the core of every action, process, feature and design element.

Think about it this way: fast food restaurants don’t close down the drive-thru to force people to walk inside and order.

So why are financial service providers trying to do the same thing in their operations?


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • The mentality trapping financial brand leaders in the past
  • The COVID wake up call
  • The value of cataloging your concerns and addressing them directly

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