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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

How to Maintain Your Brand’s Humanity in a Digital World (with Jon Voorhees)

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Brief Summary of Episode #122

Human connection in a tech-first world…

It’s not just achievable. It’s critical.

One thing the pandemic made sure to do was force people over their technological inertia.

The exponential spike in society’s tech-dependence begs the question: how do we connect with customers who no longer need — or want — to actually talk to us?

Jon Voorhees and I make it our mission to dissect the question from all angles in the latest episode of Banking on Digital Growth.

Jon’s professional journey, including his current role as Director, Distribution Strategy & Business Development at TerraStrat Group, offers crucial perspective on the issue, for example:

-Reasons why finance will always require a human component

-Education as a foundation for increasing human interaction

-There’s a role for digital tools in our quest to be more human.

Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Why there will always have to be a human component in finance
  • The education component of creating more human interactions
  • How digital tools can help us be more human when a problem arises

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