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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Transform Your Marketing Team for Personalized Content (with Bradley Blue)

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Brief Summary of Episode #121

Quality over quantity, right?

I hear digital marketers saying this, but how many of them actually practice this?

Campaigns that reach millions of people go through very similar processes as campaigns that reach 100 people.

Design. Review. Adjust. Launch.

Could there be an advantage to crafting a message for a smaller audience, and leaving room for genuine two-way interaction?

This is what I set out to explore with my most recent guest on Banking on Digital Growth: Bradley Blue, VP of Digital Marketing at Logix Federal Credit Union.

Together, we worked through the challenges to find some useful insights on: 

  • Building momentum in content-creation operations
  • Striking a balance between proactivity and reactivity (I found it helpful how he framed reactive engagement as an opportunity rather than a liability)
  • That gray area so many of us struggle with: how to tell if our marketing tools are actually helping us reach our marketing goals.

Key Insights and Takeaways

  • How to overcome the difficulty of creating content operations
  • How to be proactive while retaining the ability to be reactive 
  • How to make sure your technology helps you achieve your marketing goals

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