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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Breaking the Bad Habits of Strategic Planning (with Todd Feldman)

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Brief Summary of Episode #189

Fear of change is the serial killer of sustainability.

Lack of understanding of the reasons for change is often the root cause of an organization’s failure to see a plan to fruition.

How do we avoid the death of innovation?

We cultivate understanding through collaboration.

We can break free from the constraints inhibiting growth by aligning mental models. 

Independent systems are a relic of the past.

Planning succeeds when everyone works together to achieve a company’s vision.

I had a great conversation with an expert on strategic planning, Todd Feldman, founder and president of Rocket Factory.

Todd shared his thoughts on the reasons behind planning failure and some of the bad habits ingrained in mission philosophies.

People don’t need a complex framework to get things done.

A simple set of rules is all you need to get everyone on the same page.

Todd and I also talk about the benefits of bringing talented people from other industries on board - because we sometimes need to be challenged with a new way of thinking.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Aligning mental models across corporate branches
  • Breaking bad habits in strategic planning
  • Combatting fear of change

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