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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Empowering the Growth Potential of Teams with Kolbe (with Audrey Cannata)

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Brief Summary of Episode #124

Context is king, right? 

I bet you’ve never thought of that in relation to self-awareness.

For this reason, I specifically asked Audrey Cannata, Digital Growth Institute’s own Content and Community Specialist, to take the hot seat on the latest episode of Banking on Digital Growth.

Audrey knows that self-awareness can also be a means to a successful end, when communicating with others.

If you understand yourself, you understand how to get the most from your immediate environment and from your interactions with others.

In this episode, we talk about the Kolbe assessment. We enjoy using this tool because it helps us:

-Leverage the innate strengths of every person on our team

-Understand how the three distinct parts of the human mind function

-Make sense of people’s behavior using Kolbe’s four operating methods

-Explore the results of working outside our respective operating modes

-Promote team unity and efficiency

Listen in then let me know how you see the Kolbe assessment helping you turbocharge your own team dynamic.

Key Insights and Takeaways

  • How to leverage your innate strengths personally and professionally
  • The three parts of the mind and how they sync
  • Kolbe’s four operating modes and what they mean
  • What happens when you work outside of your operating mode
  • Promoting team unity and efficiency with Kolbe

How to Connect With Audrey Cannata

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