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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Breaking the Bank: Standing Out in FinTech (with Jason Henrichs)

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Brief Summary of Episode #198

One of my favorite games growing up was The Oregon Trail — you know it, the one you would play on those old Apple II computers.

With each mile my wagon train covered, I anticipated new threats like grizzly bears and disease.

But the sense of danger was dwarfed by the thrill of blazing new territory untouched by human hands - and feet.

Today’s digital innovators are like the pioneers of the Old American West (minus the threat of dysentery).

Each cutting-edge concept they deliver pushes us forward in our digital growth journey.

My guest, Jason Henrichs, told me why he believes too many financial institutions have settled for shadowing the footsteps of other digital groundbreakers.

The CEO at Alloy Labs Alliance wants to see more trailblazers in digital financial services.

He shares his take on the role collaboration plays in the evolution of banking as a service, tying in the experience he and his team had in launching their banking platform - CHUCK.    

Jason and I also discuss the common disconnect between human emotion and digital transformation that often plagues financial services.

Sometimes the worn-out path in front of us isn’t the path worth taking.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Why FIs need to separate themselves from the pack with their digital offerings (4:15)
  • How human connectivity ties into digital growth (9:16)
  • The significance of fundamental partnerships with account holders (20:15)

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