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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Innovation: Common Ground for Financial Brands & Fintechs (with Andrew Witherbee)

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Brief Summary of Episode #174

How do you build a modern, forward-thinking bank culture?

It starts with people, people, people. 

You have to have the people before the technology. 

Andrew Witherbee, CEO at Engage Partners Group, has spent a lot of time talking about innovation—and specifically how to build a culture of innovation.

You can’t throw a bunch of technology at the wall and call it innovation.

The process begins with getting the right people together and sharing the why behind the strategy.

And it starts with value.

Asking questions like:

        1. What value would this bring to us as an organization?

        2. What value would this bring to customer relationships?

        3. What opportunity are we trying to solve for and why?

        4. Is this technology aligned with our core values, strengths,
              and   vision?

Those questions define the unique shape innovation takes in any organization.

In other words, innovation is not reactive, it’s proactive.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Interesting things fintechs are doing from a B2B tech standpoint
  • How to inspire a culture that values innovation
  • Advice for the RFP process with fintechs

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