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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Why Honesty is Essential in Your Growth Journey (with Delena Dow Lay)

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Brief Summary of Episode #167

You won’t always be your most confident self. 

That’s true of everyone as they make their way through life. 

Unfortunately, life doesn’t wait for us to feel better before throwing tough decisions at us; whether it be personal or professional.

And while it’s easy to assume avoiding risk means no risk, we must remind ourselves that risk is everywhere — action and inaction alike.

So when you find yourself in those moments of weakness, you must find the strength to take the important risks. 


 “In those risks is where you experience life.”

In this special episode, I speak with my greatest source of inspiration, my wife Delena Lay, about the beginning of the Digital Growth Institute and knowledge that can be applied to marketing, sales, and the leadership teams of any company.

No matter what industry you’re in, if you want to absorb all the information you can, it requires a high level of comfortability. 

Otherwise, you won’t fully understand why it’s so important to take those calculated risks.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • The value of being honest with ourselves and experiencing failure
  • Why it’s so important to reach out for help when you get stuck
  • The need to disconnect from tech to reconnect with ourselves
  • The origin of : “Be well. Do good. And make your bed"