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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Why Are Financial Brands Scared of Outbound? (with Paula Tompkins)

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Brief Summary of Episode #126

Any bank or credit union executives reading this today?

We need to talk.

Why is it that ‘sales’ is becoming a dirty word?

I get it: we’re living in a world where most digital- and remote-first prospects don’t really want to be pestered with cold calls, but is that any reason to avoid lead generation and lead management?

Our next guest on Banking on Digital Growth doesn’t think so. Paula Tompkins is the CEO and Founder of ChannelNet and she joins us to break down the importance of driving qualified leads back into your business to ensure conversions and ROI.

You’ll need to listen to the full episode to find out how to overcome inertia and take action toward your business growth.

When you’ve started applying Paula’s tips for moving away from reactivity, toward proactivity, I hope you’ll share your experience with me.

Key Insights and Takeaways

  • How sales became a dirty word in finance (and what to do about it!)
  • The importance of outbound for growth
  • Technology’s role in transformation

How to Connect With Paula Tompkins

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