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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

The Good Entrepreneur’s Take on Leadership and Coaching (with Nick Kennedy)

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Brief Summary of Episode #228

Freakish physical attributes aside, what’s one thing the greatest athletes in history typically have in common?

They have good coaches.

But why do the Michael Jordans and Tom Bradys of the world still need a quality coach, given their top-tier abilities?

“What a really good coach does is create a space for the player - the leader - to understand all the dynamics and make the right decision.”

Founder of Nick Kennedy Coaching and author of The Good Entrepreneur, Nick joined us to discuss coaching and leadership in this digital age of AI.

Great coaches don’t always have the answers, but they bring out the best in their pupils.

“My job is to ask questions, to get the answers inside of them out into the open and remove the chaos that’s going on between the ears.”

Coaching is often the first item on the chopping block when financial brands need to make budget cuts. But quality coaching can help transform a good team into a great team.

And what’s a universal habit for the best of the best in coaching?

“A lot of listening,” Nick said. “I’m a professional listener at the end of the day, but I listen and reflect back.”


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Dealing with risk-averse environments and clients (5:19)
  • Handling exponential change as a leader (19:18)
  • Why coaching is a common budget casualty (29:27)

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