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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Making Emotional Deposits Thru Social Media (with Liz McIntyre)

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Brief Summary of Episode #191

Attention is the gold of the digital economy.

I say ‘gold’ because it’s what we use to buy and trade the oil of banking - data.

Where’s the most powerful market to hustle for attention today? Social Media.

So why are so many fintechs still dragging their feet with polishing their online presence?

I sat down with  Liz McIntyre, the director of Social Media and PR at Renasant Bank, to talk about the evolution of social media in digital banking.

Liz helped transform her own firm’s social media awareness by pushing customer service to the forefront.

Because hospitality is a driving force for human connection. 

And finally, we’ll take a look toward the future of positive social media content - gone are the days of negativity online, because nothing can damage your brand more.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Why ‘engagement’ dominates social media 
  • What holds firms back from establishing an online presence 
  • Empowering women in financial brands

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