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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Data Takes Marketing from Cost Center to Revenue Center (with Kevin MacNeil)

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Brief Summary of Episode #142

If you can’t definitively tell that you’re making progress, why are you even working?

Too many marketers are still avoiding this question, which is why we spoke with Kevin MacNeil, Vice President Accounts at Metric Marketing.

Kevin makes it easy to think about data in a way that’s genuinely useful for your business.

One of the key focus areas he touches on are third party integrations.

How often do you evaluate your third party integrations?

What do you look at when you’re evaluating these things?

Let’s take Google Analytics as an example. If you have it installed, do you have your goals configured properly?

If you’re measuring conversions based on views of an application page and clicks on an ‘Apply’ CTA, do you also track how many people complete your application form and visit a thank you page?

Do you look at your attrition from page views to clicks to form completions?

Then, do you take that further and look at your CRM and find out which of those applications were approved, declined, and on what criteria, so that your marketing messaging could possibly educate your customers more around how to get approval?

Making data-driven decisions isn’t difficult. You just need to have the right data in front of you to do it successfully.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • The importance of data-driven marketing decisions
  • The third-party integrations ruining your data
  • Why nearly every financial brand’s website is terrible

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