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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

In-House Marketing: Spring Cleaning Your Data (with Laura Byers)

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Brief Summary of Episode #186

Why do we outsource data?

Many financial institutions have more information on their customers than they know how to handle.

So they’ve given third-party marketing firms the keys to the car. 

But they are missing out on a golden opportunity.

Instead, they could use that data to give customers a unique, personalized experience through marketing in-house.

Some FIs have been doing just that, which is why I wanted to talk with Laura Byers, the Chief Digital Banking Officer at Coastal Community Bank.

In this episode, we discuss Laura’s own experience with helping bring her company’s marketing back into the fold.

With over 17 years in the industry, Laura also shares her thoughts on leadership, culture, and learning through listening.

Marketing can be challenging if your data ducks aren’t in a row.

But we have to be okay with failure if we want to embrace change.

We shouldn’t fear change - fear is the killer of curiosity.

By championing curiosity, we can create a culture of purpose.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • The advantages of keeping marketing within the walls of your institution
  • Our common retail experience and its value in customer service
  • How communication and transparency affect leadership

How to Connect With Laura Byers

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