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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

How Financial Brands Can Help Community Businesses (With Seth Siegal-Gardner)

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Brief Summary of Episode #8

A Michelin star chef runs a take out business.

A movie theater becomes an on-demand channel.

As Brad Pitt so eloquently stated in his role as Billy Beane in the movie Moneyball, “Adapt or die.”

Adapt and pivot or go under.

Small business owners are thinking on their feet or closing their doors.

A life in hospitality prepared my guest, Seth Siegel-Gardner, Chef and Owner of Para Llevar, for a creative life where thinking on your feet in a chaotic environment is a valuable asset.

Your financial brand can help if you also adapt and pivot towards your community. I sat down — remotely, of course — with Seth to learn his thoughts on community restaurants being forced now to take on taking on unexpected inventory.

There were no existing line items in their budgets for these things.

How can community banks and credit unions step in and support their local communities in their efforts to stay afloat in an uncertain world?

Key Insights and Takeaways

  • The role of community banks and credit unions in support of their communities
  • Small businesses are facing unprecedented challenges
  • The need for fluidity and ingenuity in a post-COVID 19 world