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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

When It Comes to Digital Growth, There’s No More Next Time (With John Oxford)

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Brief Summary of Episode #32

You may have heard of the 4 P’s of marketing. 

Person, place, price, and promotion. 

Well, in today’s marketing world, these are meaningless. 

It’s time we start focusing on the 4 C’s of marketing. 

Just ask John Oxford, Director of Marketing at Renasant Bank and author of No More Next Time.

I caught up with him to learn how financial brand marketing needs to adapt to the modern — and post-COVID — era.

So, why is it he thinks the 4 P’s are obsolete?

In the digital world, place doesn’t matter. 

Neither does the person — you don’t need to shake hands with a teller, especially in the post-COVID era. 

And price has given way to volume. 

So, his advice is to focus on the 4 C’s. 

  1. Content
  2. Connection
  3. Conversion
  4. Campaigns to deliver these

You need content to get the customer to pay attention.

Connection is how they keep paying attention. 

Conversion is how you turn their attention into revenue. 

And you wrap this all up in a campaign — like the promotion from the 4 P’s.

Stop focusing on yesterday’s marketing.

The modern world demands modern marketing. 

Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Why the 4 C’s are replacing the 4 P’s in modern marketing
  • Why now is the best time for digital growth
  • Why today’s marketing requires risk and aggressiveness

How to Connect With John Oxford

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