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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

272. No-Fail Communication: Getting Comfortable With Digital Dialogues (with Audrey Cannata)

Brief Summary of Episode #272

Communication is one of the biggest challenges organizations face, both from an internal and external perspective.

Consistent communication failure can create a cycle of confusion, ultimately leading to conflict.

As communication channels expand in our digital-first world, why does clarity continue to get lost in the chaos? 

“It’s not always intentional,” Audrey Cannata, Operations Lead at the Digital Growth Institute. “I think it’s simply a lack of awareness, not taking the time to critically think about what you’re saying.”

In this episode of our Behind the Cover series, Audrey and I dig into the art of dialogue as we discuss Michael Hyatt’s book, No-Fail Communication.

We all have different communication styles, and digital channels can often amplify our unique nuances.

“We’re living on Zoom, so now you’ve got nonverbal communication, body language, facial expressions — people are perceiving that,” Audrey said.

But that doesn’t mean we need to overthink these conversations. Communication is a skill set, and like with any other skill, we can work to improve it.

“Send a short video to somebody on your team or a family member,” Audrey suggested. “Get comfortable!”

Communication can make the difference between your team buying in or checking out. By providing clarity in conversations, you can foster a culture of inclusivity.


Key Insights and Takeaways

  • A need for intentionality in communication self-awareness (5:20)
  • Why your environment and focus matter in video calls (19:51)
  • Getting your team to buy in through a culture of inclusivity (34:06) 

Notable Quotables to Share

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