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Banking on Digital Growth Podcast

Face-to-Face Communication in a Socially-Distant Age

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Brief Summary of Episode #10

It’s well past time to merge digital and human experiences.

I’ve been saying it for years, but social distancing proved it.

It proved how, too. Face-to-face interactions through video.

On the latest episode of Banking on Digital Growth, I cover why face-to-face interaction, even remotely, is more important now than ever.

Things are starting to open up. But it will be some time before the world returns to normal.

And some things never will.

Video communication is now a societal norm. COVID-19 has led to even the most reluctant groups embracing it.

That means your brand should, too.

One way to start is offering your account holders remote financial reviews — as a pilot program.

You have the opportunity to ease their anxieties and offer advice tailored to their unique situation.

And you can also start to build out a coaching team to generate additional money on interest fee income.

You have a chance to stand by your customers while also seizing opportunities for growth in this disrupted environment and beyond.

Our video habits have transformed. We should embrace it.

Key Insights and Takeaways

  • Why our new video habits are here to stay
  • Why you need to adapt to the new societal norms
  • 5 ways you can start using video today